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What are the most common questions or concerns your customers have in terms of cooking healthy, nutritious meals?
These days’ customers are finding it very difficult to find the time to cook a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner for the family let alone themselves. We live in a very stressful environment and we’re working the hardest ever along with life circumstances etc. it’s tough out there. I offer a lot of advice on easy effective recipes with a few fresh wholefoods, on a budget and stress free to keep you focused and fuelled throughout the day and for all the family. Hence, why I wrote ‘The Fuel Food Cookbook’ as it’s pretty straight forward stuff. They can also buy recipes from the book prepared at our deli or sit down and eat. I prefer if they can make it themselves. So I offer cookery demos once a month at the store ‘Fuel Food Feast’ which have been very successful going down a treat. As I said earlier, personally I have had a love/hate relationship with food over the years and I speak from the heart about becoming passionate about cooking. Especially getting kids involved as it is a life skill in this crazy world. Also people must love their food sorry wholefood. There’s a bit too much info out there on social media etc. which is bringing the fear factor into what you should be eating especially teenagers and twenty something’s. Keep things simple and bring it back to basics and don’t read too much info off the internet. Listen to your body, love your food and love your exercise to bring optimum mental and physical health.

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  • About Us

    Select Stores Dalkey was established as a family business in 1959 by Paddy & Margaret McCabe. Today it’s run by their youngest son Oliver, General Manager Whole Food Chef & Nutrition, Daughters Mairead, Front of House & Hilary, and older son Leo, Owner & Fuel Merchant.
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    Monday to Saturday: 8am – 6pm
    Sunday: Closed - Oct to April
    Closed Bank Holidays

    - Kitchen, deli and bar close 60-90mins before closing time

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    1 Railway Rd
    Co. Dublin
    tel: +353 1 2859611
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